Stop paying extra for bills in the mail!

Are you paying extra for bills you receive in the mail? Service providers may be charging you a fee to cover the costs of printing and posting your bill – but there may be a way you can avoid the charge.

Heavy penalties apply for misleading alcohol prices

Heavy penalties apply for misleading consumers about alcohol prices.

Reverse the Threat of Cybercrime!

This week is Stay Smart Online Week 2018 with the theme being ‘Reverse the Threat’.

Stop and Check: is this for real?

This Scams Awareness Week, which runs from 21–25 May 2018, Australians are urged to be on the lookout for threat-based impersonation scams by taking a moment to ‘Stop and check: is this for real?’.

Cyclone repairs under a tenancy agreement

Are you a tenant in a cyclone damaged property?

So called healer Colin Thompson permanently banned

A former Howard Springs man who claimed to cure a range of medical illnesses and addictions through mind communication and supernatural healing has been banned permanently from conducting his business in the Northern Territory.

Commissioner questions fuel pricing practices

NT Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Gary Clements says “the fuel pricing practices of the major fuel retailers over the past weeks raises concerns about why such increases have occurred and it really needs some explanation”.

Consumer power needed to bring fuel prices down

NT Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Gary Clements says “the MyFuel NT web app provides Northern Territory consumers with real time fuel prices but it MUST HAVE CONSUMER SUPPORT to have any effect on pricing.”

Find The Cheapest Fuel

MyFuel NT the new online fuel price tool is here.

Buying Event Tickets?