With the weather warming up - don't lose your cool!

If you are having a problem with goods or services you have purchased, the first thing to remember is to stay calm.

The gift that stops giving

Gift cards are a common gift but can leave you empty handed if not used before the expiry date.

Receipts - What are they good for?

If you have a problem with the goods that you have purchased a retailer has the right to request a proof of purchase.

Uh! Oh! I bought a lemon

Most people do not realise that when buying a used car from a private seller there are no protections under the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act or the Australian Consumer Law. Before you hand over any cash make sure you do your homework on the car.

The Low down on Extended Warranties

All goods that you purchase from a business come with some form of warranty or guarantee, however with your purchase the retailer may try to sell you an extended warranty.

Do you want fries with that?

When buying goods these days, the sales people will often try and sell you extras on top of the product you actually want.

Thinking of purchasing tickets online?

Some business and companies will use word placement and pay extra on search sites such as Google to make sure that they are at the top of the list when people are searching for tickets.

Considering purchasing a Solar System?


With the dry season here and plenty of sunshine many Northern Territory property owners are considering purchasing solar panels, to generate clean power and help reduce energy bills.