Do you want fries with that?

When buying goods these days, the sales people will often try and sell you extras on top of the product you actually want.

Thinking of purchasing tickets online?

Some business and companies will use word placement and pay extra on search sites such as Google to make sure that they are at the top of the list when people are searching for tickets.

Considering purchasing a Solar System?


With the dry season here and plenty of sunshine many Northern Territory property owners are considering purchasing solar panels, to generate clean power and help reduce energy bills.

Australian Consumer Law Review Final Report

Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), a body made up of consumer affairs officials across Australia, has delivered its final report on the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) review to Commonwealth, state and territory consumer affairs Ministers.

Holiday Travel Advice

NT Consumer Affairs wants you to have a holiday in the true sense of the word.

A new guide about renting in the Northern Territory

A new renting guide is now available for download. The guide provides landlords and tenants an overview of their rights and responsibilities under the Northern Territory Residential Tenancies Act.

Extension of Ban on Decorative Alcohol Fuelled Burners in the NT

The sale of these burners were banned by the NT Government on 23 December 2016 for a 60 day period to ensure Territorians were protected from these potentially dangerous goods.

Romance Scams

NT Consumer Affairs is warning consumers to be vigilant when engaging with strangers online around Valentine’s Day.