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Amendments to Part 11 of the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act and Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (Fuel Retailers) Regulations 2017 establish a Territory-wide mandatory retail fuel price reporting scheme known as MyFuel NT.  MyFuel NT is the Territory Government’s new initiative to improve transparency of fuel prices in the Territory.

MyFuel NT came into effect on 1 November 2017. In accordance with the scheme all Fuel Retailers in the Northern Territory must register.  Registration is compulsory.

All fuel retailers are required to report retail fuel prices through the MyFuel NT website interfaces. Through the MyFuel NT website and web application, fuel price data is published for consumers to access in real time and free of charge.

Failure to register for MyFuel NT, failure to report and update fuel prices as required by the scheme and offering fuel at a price other than as reported are offences under the Act and penalties may apply.

The links below will provide you with the information you need to register for MyFuel NT.

If you require assistance or further information please contact Consumer Affairs on (08) 8999 1999 or 1800 019 319.

Registration forms may be submitted by email to

By Fax (08) 8935 7738; or

By post to:
NT Consumer Affairs
PO Box 40946

MyFuel NT Registration Form - pdf | word

Instructions for Registration & Frequently Asked Questions - pdf | word

To go to the MyFuel NT website click here.

Last Updated:
16 Sep 2022

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