Owed residential tenancy bond monies?


Landlords and agents are required to pay any unclaimed residential tenancy bond monies into the Tenancy Trust Account administered by Consumer Affairs if the tenant does not claim the monies within six months of the end of the lease. As part of this process landlords and agents provide Consumer Affairs with the following information: your name, the address of the tenancy and the amount of bond amount.

This information and any information provided by you in making a claim, will be used only for the purpose for which it was provided, and will not be disclosed without your consent, except where authorised or required by law.

If you simply want to see if your name appears on our unclaimed bond monies register, email your full name and the address of the tenancy to consumer@nt.gov.au and we will let you know if you need to formally submit a claim.

For more information on the how to make a claim, refer to the Fact Sheet:

pdf PDF (276.3 KB) | word DOCX (435.3 KB)

To make a claim, use the Claim Form:

pdf PDF (206.7 KB) | word DOC (129.5 KB)

For further information or advice, contact Consumer Affairs on 1800 019 319 or email consumer@nt.gov.au

Last Updated:
06 Jun 2019

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