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Northern Territory Consumer Affairs is all about ensuring consumers and traders have a fair go.

Fair Trading Officers aim to educate traders and consumers about their rights and responsibilities as defined in legislation, such as the National Australian Consumer Law and the NT’s Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act.

A free enquiry service is available to assist with consumer and fair trading issues.

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For further information you may access the following fact sheets and brochures:

Know your rights when buying disability goods and services

The Australian Consumer Law provides protections to ensure you get what you pay for when buying goods and services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). When shopping around, you have the right to ask for what you want, take your time, ask questions, be treated fairly and receive accurate information.

When you buy products or services, they come with automatic consumer guarantees set out under the law.

When you buy products, the business guarantees products are safe, work correctly and meet promises made about the condition, performance and quality.

It’s similar when you pay for services. The business guarantees they will provide their services with acceptable care and skill. The business also guarantees the service will give the results as agreed. They also guarantee to carry out the service within a reasonable time.

If you pay for something and it doesn’t meet one of these consumer guarantees, you have the right to ask for a repair, replacement or refund. These rights apply regardless of whether you buy something in-store, online, at home or over the phone for your own use. This includes general goods and services, disability related goods and services and items or services bought with the NDIS or state/territory government funding.

Australian Consumer Law regulators have produced guides to help consumers with disability understand their rights under the law.

You can read these guides and find out more about your consumer rights and who can help by visiting:

  • How to be a Smart Shopper for Consumers with Disability (Factsheet) -  pdf | word

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04 Jun 2019

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