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Report a fuel price mismatch


If the price at the pump doesn’t match the price you see on the MyFuel NT online tool, you can report that ‘Price Mismatch’ to NT Consumer Affairs.

You should first let the service station operator know about the price mismatch before reporting it. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, or you’re not satisfied with their response, then you can report it.

You can do this directly through the MyFuel NT web app or through the NT Consumer Affairs website.

Via MyFuel NT

Via NT Consumer Affairs - pdf | word

Price Mismatch / Discrepancy Frequently Asked Questions - pdf | word

What you will need

  1. Evidence of the price mismatch, such as a photo of signage or fuel pump display or receipt, and
  2. Name and address details of the service station, date, exact time, type of fuel, advertised price (if reporting through the NT Consumer Affairs website).

There are two ways you can report a fuel price mismatch.

Via MyFuel NT

To lodge a price mismatch directly through MyFuel NT you will need to do so while still at the service station.

  1. Open MyFuel NT (
  2. Search for the service station you wish to report.
  3. Select the service station from ‘map’ view. If you are on ‘list’ view, select the service station from the list; this will automatically take you to the ‘map’ view.
  4. Select ‘Price Mismatch? (Report here)’ from that service station’s display box.
  5. Enter the price you saw at the pump (Advertised price*)
  6. Attach a photo of either, the service station signage or the price on the fuel pump display. You may also attach a copy of the service station receipt showing the price you paid.
  7. Enter your full name, email address, phone number and postcode.
  8. Tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ reCAPTCHA checkbox.
  9. Select Submit.

Via NT Consumer Affairs Website

  1. Select the ‘Via NT Consumer Affairs’ link above
  2. Download/print/complete the Fuel Price Discrepancy Report Form
  3. Ensure all fields are completed
  4. Attach supporting evidence such as a receipt and photos
  5. Submit it to NT Consumer Affairs by email, fax or in person as per the details provided on the form.

Last Updated:
01 Jun 2022

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