Business tenancies

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There has been important temporary changes to both the Residential Tenancies Act 1999 and the Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act 2003 that may impact the advice and information provided on this page.

It is important that you first read a full explanation of these changes before you read or download information from this page. The new changes can be found here. If you need help determining how these changes affect your personal circumstances, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (08) 8999 1999 or 1800 019 319.

The Tenancy Unit within Consumer Affairs provides services to tenants and landlords (and professional advisors) of commercial properties in the Northern Territory. The legislative responsibilities of tenants and landlords are outlined in the Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act and while it's provisions relate primarily to retail shop leases there are some sections that apply to all business tenancies.

For general advice about business tenancies you can access the following information:



Fact sheets

  • Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act - pdf | word



  • Landlord's and Tenant's Disclosure Statements - pdf | word
  • Assignor's Disclosure Statement - pdf | word
  • Application to Commissioner of Business Tenancies for Determination of Retail Tenancy Claim - pdf | word

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17 Sep 2020

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