ACL guides

A customer comes into your dealership and tells you: “I bought a car from you and got a fault repaired by another business. Can you reimburse me for the cost?”

Another calls your office, saying “You repaired my gearbox last month, but it’s still making a terrible grinding noise!”

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar?

These guides, developed by national, state and territory consumer protection agencies, aim to help businesses like yours clarify their rights and obligations when problems like these arise.

The ACL is Australia’s national consumer law, which replaced previous consumer protection laws in the Commonwealth, states and territories in 2011. It applies at the Commonwealth level and in each state and territory.

The guides cover key aspects of the law such as refunds and sales practices, focusing on issues where:

  • industry bodies have asked for more detailed guidance for business
  • consumers frequently report problems to national, state and territory consumer protection agencies.


Consumer Guarantees (573.1 kb)

Sales Practices (527.9 kb)

Avoiding Unfair Business Practices (492.1 kb)

Compliance and Enforcement Guide (448.6 kb)

Unfair Contract Terms (491.2 kb)

Motor Vehicles Sales and Repairs (1.5 mb)

Electrical and Whitegoods (650.2 kb)

Personal Services (366.8 kb)

Rental Cars (570.4 kb)

Travel and Accommodation (558.3 kb)

Consumer product safety (468.2 kb)

Guide to Competition and Consumer Law for Businesses selling to and supplying consumers with disability (569.1 kb)

Preventing unfair terms in window and floor covering agreements (595.3 kb)

Guide for fundraising, and other activities of charities, not-for-profit and fundraisers (377.6 kb)

Last Updated:
06 Jun 2019

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