Complaints and disputes

Where disputes arise in the relationship between traders and consumers, Fair Trading officers can often assist in resolving the dispute by providing a conciliation service.

The Fact Sheets, Forms and letters below provide some important advice on resolving disputes and samples for you to use.

If after reviewing the information you wish to proceed to make a formal complaint to Consumer Affairs click on the 'Consumer Conciliation Request' below.

Please read carefully the information provided on the form before completing the form as it may determine whether Consumer Affairs is able to assist.

Other Avenues for Complaints

Some specific consumer issues are the responsibility of a particular agency. NT Consumer Affairs will be able to refer your enquiry to these agencies if it is clear that your enquiry is a matter for them.

National Consumer Protection Agencies

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

The ACCC has national responsibilities for competition, fair trading and consumer protection. The ACCC can provide information about your consumer rights and can investigate complaints about breaches of these rights. Ph: 1300 302 502 or

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

ASIC deals with complaints relating to a financial product or service, such as banking, investment, credit or insurance. 1300 300 630 or

Other Organisations


Airline Customer Advocate
(03) 8668 1442

Financial Services - Banking, Credit and Insurance

Your lender is likely to be a member of either:

Financial Ombudsman Service
1300 780 808


Credits and Investments Ombusman
1800 138 422

If your lender is a member, you can get free and independent help to resolve your dispute.

Food Labelling

Department of Health
08 8922 7210

Health Services

Health & Community Services Complaints Commission
08 8999 1969

Internet and Telecommunications

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
1800 062 058

Postal Services

Postal Industry Ombudsman (part of the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman)
1300 362 072

Power and Water

Northern Territory Ombudsman
1800 806 380


Northern Territory Office of the Information Commissioner
1800 005 610 / 8999 1500

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
1300 363 992

Product Safety

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
1300 302 502

Property Agents Licensing

Licensing NT
08 8999 1800
Licencing Online


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
1300 795 995
Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)


The Do Not Call Register
1300 792 958

Tenancy (legal)

Tenants’ Advice Service
08 8982 1111

Weights and Measures

National Measurement Institute
1300 686 664

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16 Jun 2020

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