Caravan parks legislation

The Caravan Parks Act 2012 (the Act) commenced on 1 May 2012. The Act sets the legal framework that governs the rights and obligations of residents and caravan park operators in the Northern Territory.

If the caravan park is also a resort, tourist or holiday park then the Act does not apply. The only exception is for residents who have resided in the park for a period of five years or more.

The Act sets out key provisions for terminations, establishes a default agreement, sets standards for repairs and maintenance and more.

  • Standard Form Agreement - pdfword
  • Overview of the Caravan Parks Act 2012 - pdfword
  • New residents to a Caravan Park - pdfword
  • Occupancy agreement - pdfword
  • Rent - pdfword
  • Responsibilities of caravan park operators - pdfword
  • Responsibilities of caravan park residents - pdfword
  • Repairs to an agreement property - pdfword
  • Moving out? What you need to know - pdfword
  • Service of notices - pdfword

Last Updated:
28 Apr 2020

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