Conducting good business

Creating and managing a successful business can be complex.

Today’s business environment presents many challenges; one of the most important is developing and maintaining a good business relationship with customers.

Business owners also need to be aware of Fair Trading Laws and the ways that other unscrupulous individuals and businesses can have a negative effect on the business.

The Australian Consumer Law makes provision, among other things, to prohibit unfair practices and promote fair dealing in consumer transactions.

Consumer Affairs will often make reference to the Act in its discussions with businesses in relation to complaints from consumers.

A summary of consumer rights in transactions with businesses (often called ‘traders’ in this context) is provided in the following fact sheets:

To assist small business owners in understanding their rights and responsibilities under the Competition and Consumer Act, the ACCC has developed a Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act PDF (1.5 MB) guide.

Small business checklist

An online tool to help small business comply with consumer protection law is now available.

The Small Business Self-Assessment Checklist is designed to help traders understand how Australian Consumer Law (ACL) regulations apply to their business activities, and better understand their obligations when dealing with consumers.

All businesses have rights and obligations when dealing with consumers, however, small business owners don’t necessarily have the time to work through legislation or explanatory guides to identify which regulations apply to them. This interactive checklist will enable traders to quickly and easily identify which sections of the ACL apply to them, and directs them straight to the information they need to know.

The checklist, which was developed in partnership with other Australian consumer protection agencies, covers a range of small business issues such as contracts, advertising, consumer guarantees, refunds, lay-bys, billing and receipts.

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25 Sep 2020

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