New ticket reselling information standard

The Australian Government has introduced a new event ticket reselling standard from 1 October 2022, which will help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing event tickets.

Under Australian Consumer Law, online ticket resellers for events held in Australia are now required to clearly disclose that they are a reseller and the original price of tickets. This information must be clearly and prominently displayed on ticket resale websites. This standard covers all events hosted or located in Australia, including sporting events, festivals, cultural events, entertainment events, and other public performances.

These changes ensure that consumers can now have more confidence they are getting value for money when purchasing event tickets from a reseller.

When you purchase tickets online, your usual consumer rights still apply. The business must not mislead you or hide costs and other details from you. The ticket must also match the description provided on the website.

Please note that these new rules DO NOT apply to private sales of tickets through online marketplaces.

If you have any issues with ticket resellers please contact us at or call us on 1800 019 319.

For more information about your consumer rights when purchasing event tickets, refer to the ACCC’s website here: Buying tickets to events | ACCC.