New industry safe sleep guide

As the range of infant sleeping products available in the Australian market continues to grow, leading medical and injury prevention experts, industry and regulators have developed a new best practice guide for the design of safe infant sleeping environments.

An infant sleep product is a product that is designed or marketed towards use by an infant (children under 12 months of age) to sleep with, on, or in, or designed to be an aid for infant sleeping.

Products include, but are not limited to, household cots, portable cots, bassinets, cradles, sling carriers, cot bumpers, mattresses, bedside sleepers, sleep positioners and other devices and associated accessories that may be used in an infant’s sleep environment.

The guide has been developed to help industry and highlights essential considerations for designing, marketing and supplying safe infant sleep products. The guide also includes a checklist that can be used as a guide to identify product use and hazards.

To view the guide visit the Product Safety Australia website.