The Australian Consumer Law Review; how to have your say

Consumer Affairs officials through Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand are undertaking a review of the Australian Consumer Law throughout 2016 to assess whether the law is working effectively and what could be improved.

The Australian Consumer Law Review will:

  • look at whether the law is operating as intended and addresses the risk of consumer detriment without imposing unnecessary red tape
  • consider the ‘single law, multiple regulator’ model (the joint enforcement arrangements between the Commonwealth, state and territory consumer protection agencies); and
  • examine whether the national consumer policy framework is sufficiently flexible to address new and emerging issues.

The Australian Consumer Law will also include:

  • the second Australian Consumer Survey of consumer and business awareness of, and experience with, the Australian Consumer Law
  • an analysis of consumer laws in other countries; and
  • an independent assessment of the ‘multiple regulator’ model.

The Australian Consumer Law review will involve broad stakeholder consultation with consumers, businesses, advocacy groups, lawyers and other interested stakeholders.

Today an Issues Paper for the Australian Consumer Law Review was released for public consultation over the next eight weeks, with submissions closing on Friday 27 May 2016.

You are encouraged to have your say on how the Australian Consumer Law is working and what could be improved.

The Issues Paper is available on and stakeholders can have their say by making a formal submission to the Issues Paper or by leaving a comment on the website.

Feedback on the Issues Paper will inform the development of an interim report that will be released for consultation in the second half of 2016.