Employment scams

Job seekers are the target of these scams. Some of these schemes are simply fronts for door-to-door pyramid selling organisations. Others pretend to offer employment but are in fact fronts for some worthless training course.

Read job advertisements carefully. Ring the employer and get as much information as you can about the working conditions, salary and importantly if any financial outlays are needed. Reject any supposed jobs which involve big outlays of money on 'job kits' or 'training materials'.

Work from Home Scams

Work from home offers can take many forms. Some offers claim you will be well paid for tasks as simple as stuffing letters/pamphlets into envelopes or lacing up boots. Or, once you have paid your money, the promoter may simply advise you to run similar advertisements to suck others into the scam.

Others are thinly disguised illegal pyramid or trading schemes based on the chain letter principle. You will be urged to purchase products of little value and then encourage friends and relatives to join the scheme.

Earnings depend upon the number of participants you sign up, not product sales.

They are heartless confidence tricks designed to rip-off vulnerable consumers.

Others involve the risk of losing significant amounts of money, for example, some work from home employment opportunities are promoted as ‘fool-proof’ computerised gambling or stock market systems.

By the time victims have paid an inflated price for a computer and the associated software, they could find themselves out of pocket to the tune of $25,000.

Last Updated:
04 Jun 2019

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