Mobile phone warranties

A warranty or guarantee is a promise that a product or service sold to you will do the job that it's supposed to do. Handset manufacturers will guarantee their handsets against any faults occurring within a specified period (usually 12 months) and the network service providers guarantee connection to the mobile phone network.

There is another warranty created by law called a statutory warranty that is separate from any voluntary warranty given by a seller or manufacturer. A statutory warranty allows you to return something you bought and get a refund, replacement or repair if the item is:

  • defective or faulty;
  • doesn't match a sample or description that you were shown;
  • doesn't do what the seller said it would do.

You will need to show the seller proof of purchase (a receipt or the network service connection agreement) and let them know as soon as you notice a problem.

Things to consider when comparing mobile phone warranties

When you are given a warranty with a handset there may be conditions attached. You need to clarify what is covered by the warranty with the seller and get this in writing so there is no confusion later. Things to ask the seller include:

  • Where can the repairs be carried out?
  • Is labour, transport and spare parts included?
  • Is a substitute handset provided while repairs are being made?

Last Updated:
04 Jun 2019

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