Think about the features in a handset you really need. Consider the following when you're shopping for a handset:

  • the more features in a handset the more it will cost;
  • advertised features are often just standard mobile phone features;
  • features that require activation through a call plan, such as voice mail will incur an additional cost each time you use them.

Look for value when comparing handsets. You may find the same feature in a cheaper handset or the same features in another handset that offers a better service agreement or warranty.

Before you buy a handset

Before you decide to buy a handset check the following:

  • That your handset has an A-Tick. The A-Tick is a compliance mark developed by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) for telecommunications equipment. It gives consumers confidence that a telecommunications product meets the safety and technical standards set by the ACA.
  • Clarify with the seller that the phone can do what you want it to do and have them put it in writing.
  • Check the servicing agreement. Where will you need to take the handset for repairs if this is needed.
  • Check the warranty. Are spare parts covered? Is the labour covered or will you need to pay for this separately?

For more information visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Last Updated:
04 Jun 2019

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