The table provides examples of advertisements that may be interpreted by individuals as offering special deals where in fact they are simply stating common call plan or contract features.

Examples of advertisementsWhat is being referred to in the advertisement
FREE connectionIf you sign a network service connection agreement (contract) for a period of time there is a one off charge of around $65 that covers your initial connection to the mobile phone network. This fee is removed when offers are made of free connection. However, all contract linked call plans have monthly access charges that still need to be paid.
Low monthly access fees (usually $20)This refers to a specific contract linked call plan. Most network providers will have a contract linked call plan that has a monthly access fee of around $20. Usually, these plans are suitable for people who make very few, short phone calls. If you don't use the mobile phone in this way it may be costing you more overall than another call plan with a higher monthly access charge.
Handset for only $29Package deals are provided by most sellers that include a handset and call plan. Usually the higher the monthly access fees, the lower the price of the handset. Keep in mind that the actual cost of the handset will be covered by the call plan costs - so you may not be making any savings at all.
No access feesThis refers to pre-paid call plans offered by network service providers. There are no access fees on pre-paid call plans but the call costs are generally higher than those connected to contract linked call plans.
Free Phone and $100 in free phone calls per monthAdvertisements like these refer to contract linked call plans. These call plans start with monthly access charges of $10 and can go up as high as $250. Usually the higher the monthly access fee the more attractive the free call feature and the cheaper the call costs. Average phone users may not use up their free monthly allotment with these plans but they still need to pay their monthly access charges.

Last Updated:
04 Jun 2019

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