In the Northern Territory you will need to renew the registration of your car every year at a motor vehicle registry (MVR) office or police outstation (in remote areas only). The cost of registration will depend on the capacity (size) of the engine in your car.

Vehicle Registration may also be renewed by mail, over the Internet or over the telephone if a vehicle road-worthiness inspection is not due at the time of renewal

It may be a good idea to estimate registration cost and budget for it by putting some money aside each week.

Registration renewal papers are sent to the address that is recorded on the previous registration certificate about six (6) weeks before the registration is due to expire.

Factory new and or interstate registered vehicles being registered or transferred to the Northern Territory for the first time will require a vehicle compliance check at MVR prior to registration in the NT.

Factory new vehicles will not require another inspection until it is 3 years old, then every two years until the vehicle is 10 years old. From that point on the vehicle will be required to be inspected every 12 months upon renewal. Inspections other than the first compliance check may be conducted by the MVR or an Authorised Inspector (AI) in your area.

If you purchase a vehicle interstate, by law you must transfer the registration to the Northern Territory . Make sure that you have budgeted for the transfer as stamp duty will have to be paid at the time of transfer.

Further information can be obtained from your local Motor Vehicle Registry or your remote community police station

Last Updated:
04 Jun 2019

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