Consumer redress

All sellers are required to abide by consumer laws without exception. Most are reasonable and keen to see that their customers are satisfied. If you feel that you have been misled or wrongly treated you should contact and speak to the seller directly.

Advise them calmly what the problem is and what you want them to do to resolve it.

Write down the names of people that you speak to and make notes of conversations that you have with the trader.

Take along any relevant documents such as contracts, receipts or quotations. Ensure that you provide your contact details so they can respond to you.

How Consumer Affairs can help

If you don't receive a satisfactory outcome and you feel that you have exhausted all available avenues to fix the problem contact Consumer Affairs. You can telephone 1800 019 319 (toll free) or visit at 1st Floor, The Met Building, 13 Scaturchio Street, Casuarina, or 1st Floor, Level 1, Belvedere House, Cnr of  Bath and Parsons Streets, Alice Springs.

We will provide you information about your rights and the options available to you to resolve the problem. In some cases, we can contact the trader and intervene on your behalf. This will usually require you to complete a ‘Complaint Form’.

Consumer Affairs deals with such matters as:

  • the purchase or repair of new or used motor vehicles;
  • rental bond and other residential tenancy issues;
  • goods and services such as electrical appliances, travel and automotive repairs;
  • finance and credit matters;
  • home renovations and repairs.

Last Updated:
04 Jun 2019

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